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Located in sunny Southwest Florida, Ive been creating jewelry as ValenwoodVixen since 2014. Every piece you see is hand crafted with love and care. 

I use artist quality resin for my resin pieces, which has one of the best UV inhibitors on the market- meaning your resin jewelry will NOT turn yellow or clouded with age or normal sun exposure. I know your keepsakes are meant to be treasured for a long time to come.

I craft my sterling pieces by hand and flame, setting each stone with care and hand polishing each piece to perfection. Each is a unique reflection of myself as an artist. 

I hope you also find the natural beauty in my handcrafted jewelry. When you shop here, you're buying more than just an item- you're supporting an actual human being's dreams and creative efforts. Thank you. 


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PO Box 62025

Fort Myers, FL 33906