Testimonials and Reviews


These are just a few examples- feel free to head over to my Etsy shop to peruse over 1000 reviews, averaging 5 stars since I started providing this service in 2014. 




Perfect quality, exactly matched the description, and was exactly what I was hoping for to honor the memory of my two doggers. 

-Chris (7/17/22)



The lock of hair from a loved dog preserved in the bar pendant turned out beautiful. Very good quality; met expectations; personalized yet looks very similar to the example photos. Highly pleased, thank you so much. 

- Melinda (7/30/22)



Beautiful necklace and she returned the hair she didn't use. Highly recommend 

-Amy (9/1/22)



I ordered a keepsake for my sons birthday and it arrived a few days before. He loved the piece and I am very greatfull that someone cares to offer a service like this. 

- Jeanette (7/29/22) 


I was so excited when it was delivered and sad too because I knew it was a reminder of my toy poodle,Tara, passing over the rainbow bridge. I cried , heartbroken, because I miss her so much. My son and grandsons were there to comfort me. It is a beautiful reminder and I will wear it and hold it so my Tara will know I love her and miss her. Thank you so much! 

- Debra (8/25/22)



Perfection. This beautiful one-of-a-kind piece is priceless! 

-Deborah (8/24/22)