Ordering Keepsakes/Custom pieces

How to order your custom keepsake jewelry using your loved ones hair.


Once I receive your order, I will mail out a Shipping Kit for your mailing convenience (US orders only). Shipping kit includes a pre-addressed stamped envelope and small sealing bag.  Just place the hair or fur inside, seal the envelope, and drop it in your mailbox!

I always send out an email to let you know your hair has arrived here, safe and ready to be added to your keepsake jewelry.
When completed, I will mail your jewelry and any unused hair back with USPS tracking.

As always, feel free to message me with any questions

UPDATE July 2023: Please note current "made to order" turn around time is closer to 4-8 weeks.
Once you have taken a look around, add the desired keepsake items to your cart. PLEASE verify the correct address and email before you complete your order! Proceed to checkout, and finalize your order. Once I receive your order I will send an email and shipping kit with information on where to mail your loved ones hair to complete your jewelry. Feel free to message me with any questions or specific requests!
Custom Keepsake Jewelry FAQ:
How do I mail the hair?
After placing the order I automatically send a pre-addressed, stamped envelope and small sealing bag (shipping kit) for you to send the hair. (I am located in Florida, so depending on how far away you are will affect how long it takes to get to me.) I will message you as soon as I receive the hair and start your jewelry that day.
How much hair/fur?
I recommend about a pinch of hair per piece of jewelry- more if the hair is very fine or light/grey. I ALWAYS return what isn't used in your jewelry. That being said, the mail is not perfect and accidents happen- I highly recommend saving a small amount for yourself, just in case.
How long do they take to make?
 As soon as I receive the hair I begin the pendant, and usually take between 4-6  weeks depending on the particular style and hair type. 
Can I get any hair back? What happens to leftover hair?
I ALWAYS send back whatever hair I do not use when I send out your completed jewelry. 
Is shipping safe? How do I know I will receive my jewelry on time?
I ship first class/USPS ground advantage WITH TRACKING, and include free gift wrapping. You may upgrade to Priority Mail (1-3 day shipping time) during checkout if you need your item shipped faster. *Keep in mind this affects shipping speeds, and NOT production time!
*Be aware VERY LIGHT hair (white, light grey, light blond) tends to turn translucent in the resin- similar in appearance to when it is wet. Expect this when placing an order using very light hair. Very light hair also tends to expel more bubbles than darker hair- this is due to the hair shaft having more air compared to darker hair types.
*I cannot change the TEXTURE of the hair you send- straight hair will remain straight, curly hair remains curly. I do my best to arrange the hair in an aesthetically pleasing manner while retaining what makes it unique to the being that it belongs to.
*I do my best to "clean" the hair, but any DEBRIS within (lint, dirt, etc) will likely show in your finished product.